Europe-China Trade and Investment: Converting Challenges into Cooperation?

On 7 May 2019, Europe-Asia Interlink organised its launching seminar, “Europe-China Trade and Investment: Converting Challenges into Cooperation?”. Following discussions on challenges and opportunities, the speakers identified  policy priorities and areas of cooperation necessary to strengthening bilateral relations and multilateralism such as: a) the areas of closely aligned objectives functioning well in promoting  trade and investment <‘policy convergence’>; b) the areas of misaligned objectives and how these impact—negatively–on trade and investment <‘policy divergence’>; and c) what the EU and China could do to overcome the areas of ‘diverging’.

The seminar started off with an introduction by Dr Miryung Kim (Executive Director of Europe-Asia Interlink) and continued with the following speakers:

  • Dr Jacques Pelkmans (Moderator) – Senior Fellow, Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)
  • Helena König – Deputy Director General, DG Trade, European Commission
  • Simon Lacey – Vice-President, Global Affairs, Huawei (HQ, China)
  • Dr Pascal Kerneis – Managing Director, European Services Forum (ESF)
  • Dr Duncan Freeman – Research Fellow, EU-China Research Centre, College of Europe (Brugge)